Nino’s Rhythmic Gymnastics Club

This year gymnasts from Nino’s Rhythmic Gymnastics Club participated in many interesting and important competitions. The most significant were the California State Competition, Region One Championships and LA Lights International Tournament where Saydee Dickenson (Level 8) became All Around Champion also she was nominated number 8 out of 48 best gymnasts of the USA in Junior Olympic Championships in Chicago, IL.

Our great results at State Championships.

Gold Medalists: In Level 6 Bailey Chelemedos In Level 4: Fiona Currin  (Also became Region One All Around Champion) and Gabi Dolgonos.

Silver Medalists: Saydee Dickenson (Level 8), Tatyana Miatchine (Level 7) and Madeline McGrath (Level 4)

Bronze Medalists: Haley Schrader (Level 8) and Mary Kotlyar (Level 5).

 photo 2
Congratulations Katya Dzekon for a great result at the National Competition:
2nd in ball, 3rd in Floor and All Around 8.

Come and give your girl lifelong physical benefits:

Health, strength, flexibility, posture, creativity, musicality, self-confidence, discipline, artistic sensitivity and expression, sportsmanship and competitiveness, love and passion for sports as a way of life.

For more information call Nino Mgalobely at 415-242-5643.